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Another Year

Day Four: South Beach

Day Four: South Beach

South Beach hasn’t changed over the years. It’s still as “sexy” as ever. Even in daylight!

Arvin needed to replace his DSLR lens on the way to South Beach.

Having lunch at “The Majestic” hotel along South Beach.

Happy hour with a sangria. To quote Mrs. Kasha Davis (drag queen), “There’s always time for a cocktail!”

Aha! That explains why we saw her earlier walking in circles…

Fajitas, fajitas and more fajitas. Can you tell he’s happy?

Fajitas, fajitas and more fajitas. Can you tell he’s happy?

Good luck finding room for that!

I guess she was thinking, “Oh I’m gonna make room for this!”

I’m going to eat light (so I can be rail thin!)

Day two: Birthday week in Florida

Monday’s are just about the same everywhere, I think — people are less chipper… unless you’re on vacation.

Morning visitor by the poolside.

Who doesn’t love a good flea market? We do! (Even when it’s bad)

Ate straightforward Cuban meals — Gavin had to order for us being our resident Spanish-fluent fellow.

The tribe of the sated. 

Lighting is everything…

…and a good loud shirt!

A brief moment of levity amidst the highly deserted parking lot.

This mall parking lot is certainly not deserted. Impressive for an early afternoon Monday.

That’s right Gayle — catch us dinner.!

We’re still waiting for the catch of the day. You can do it Gayle!

Alright, so all Gayle caught was underwater foliage! That’s okay — leftovers it is.