Cathedral Church of St. Luke


The cornerstone for the cathedral church was laid on August 15, 1867.


Episcopal Church — Diocese of Maine


  • In May of 1903, the Rt. Rev’d Robert Codman (1859- 1915), third bishop of Maine, personally engaged Bela Lyon Pratt (1867-1917) at his studio in Boston to create a magnificent marble cenotaph for his predecessor, Dr. Henry Adams Neely, DD, 1830-1899.

  • This high altar and reredos assembly, installed in 1925, was donated by the Rev’d Canon Miles Standish Hemenway of this Cathedral. When it was completed, art critics referred to the deeply carved wooden reredos as the most important piece of woodcarving in North America at that time.

  • The Emmanuel Chapel, Designed by Stephen Russell Hurd Codman, 1904, manufactured by William F. Ross & Company and embellished with art works by John LeFarge, Edmund Charles Tarbell, Philip Leslie Hale, and Johannes Kirchmayer.

  • The Gothic Revival style structure was designed by New York architect Charles Coolidge Haight.



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